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Leaving the Jar 

Human trafficking is a prevalent growing issue in Zambia, and with the rising numbers, MFC is working to launch Leaving The Jar. Leaving the Jar’s mission is to rescue and care for any trafficking and prostitution victims. The program aims to provide physical, mental, and spiritual rehabilitation for the victims of sex trafficking and prostitution. It also provides career training programs to ensure that victims have the necessary economic power to transition into mainstream society. Currently, the program has 6 girls enrolled and is working on income generating projects for the women to be engaged in.

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Education Scholarship Program

The poverty rate is high in Zambia and MFC saw a need to educate the youth to give them a bright future. The Education scholarship program offered an education opportunity from elementary school through college. To encourage them to stay on the path and not turn to prostitution or other ways, the students had  to keep attending church regularly. The program in Zambia has helped approximately 36 students. Some of them even finished their vocational training from London. The Coptic church in Zambia has taken over this program and continues the mission to this present day. 

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