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The United States

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Mission Training and Awareness

In the United States, as people travel and serve on mission trips, they need guidance on different aspects of mission life. MFC provides both in person and virtual training to any mission group coming to the different sites. The training is used to teach about the culture, language, and different customs that the missionaries will be exposed to. Such training is necessary to ensure that the group would be prepared to serve the people with a correct understanding of the culture and societal differences.


The trainings answer questions such as: What is mission? How to approach people depending on need and culture? How to approach different perspectives? Why do we need mission? Who needs mission? How to prepare for mission groups? How can I be a missionary at home? 

Leaving the Jar 

Human trafficking is becoming a growing issue in the United States, and with the rising numbers, MFC is working to launch Leaving The Jar. Leaving the Jar’s mission is to rescue and care for any trafficking and prostitution victims. The program aims to provide physical, mental, and spiritual rehabilitation for the victims of sex trafficking and prostitution. It also provides career training programs to ensure that victims have the necessary economic power to transition into mainstream society. Currently the program is working on income generating projects.

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