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Leaving the Jar 



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Prevention Services

In Kenya, the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” cannot be farther from the truth. One orphan is another family’s adopted child. However, as some families adopt more children, the economical burden may increase, and prostitution/trafficking unfortunately become an option. In a prevention effort, Christ’s children service aims to provide for the educational and financial needs of the young children through provisions for the home and the children’s education. The program also takes care of the children from a spiritual aspect by having an interactive spiritual day once a month. 

For younger girls specifically, common societal myths about HIV/AIDS encourage the practice of rape. Daughters of St. Mary service offers the girls a holistic education in both spirituality and women health education. It is used as a preventive measure against HIV/AIDS and rape as it empowers the girls with education on those topics.  The aim for the program is to keep the girls protected through their knowledge of Christ and knowledge of the true facts rather than societal myths. The girls meet once a month, learn about health and spirituality, and engage in other sports and activities. They are also provided with various supplies they need for school to encourage their education.

Widows are another part of Kenyan society that often get neglected and may be found trapped in the cycle of trafficking. With the passing away of their spouse, their families oftentimes face economical hardships and emotional instability. In 2009, MFC launched Christ’s Brides to offer care for the widows. The program equips the widows with the ability to start small businesses. The businesses allow them to have a steady income to care for their families as well as help them cope with the loss of their spouse. MFC also provides for other various needs as they arise such as home renovations. In addition, to offer them a community, they gather once a week to study the Bible together. Such a community offers them a place to receive emotional and spiritual support.


Human trafficking is a prevalent growing issue in Kenya, and with the rising numbers, MFC launched Leaving The Jar in 2012.

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Leaving the Jar works with different law enforcement entities and missionaries to find and rescue victims of prostitution and trafficking.

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The women rescued participate in a program that provides physical, mental, and spiritual rehabilitation. During this time, a woman’s self-confidence, image, psychological, spiritual, and physical health will begin to be restored. It will eventually prepare them to re-enter mainstream society. 

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During the program, the women are offered a variety of training courses to help build their competence in the job market. Each woman has the ability to choose a training program that best fits her abilities and interests. Programs include computer science basics, beautician work, culinary arts, customer service protocols, GED equivalency, medical assistant, and hospitality certificates.

Once graduated, the women are offered a stipend and resources to begin their own businesses.

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