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Samira's Assist

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Lao Tzu

About Us

The best and most worthwhile investment of all is investing in the development of others. In 2017, due to the increasing costs for basic living standards and expenses in Egypt, Samira's Assist was started to provide support for college students. The program aims to support the students' education expenses. We started with only two students, and by God’s Grace the number almost doubled every year. Currently, the program supports  over 160 students who are attending different colleges across all of Egypt.



Our mission is to assist outstanding university students in completing their university education and developing their professional, life and communication skills.  We do this by ensuring that financial funding does not stand as an obstacle to their success, and thus enabling them to focus on their studies and  becoming a well-rounded member of the community. 


Our vision is that our coptic youths would learn skills to enable them to pursue meaningful and rewarding careers while remaining excited and eager to continue their education. Through their education, they would have the means to build stronger communities and form positive characteristics and work values for a brighter future for many generations to come.

Annual Conference


Our Students Say

"My father was a victim of labor trafficking; he was working in an Arab country in construction. He was getting half his salary, and the guarantor kept the other half to give to him at the end of his contract. We were fine having all we needed, just missing our dad, who works hard far from us. One day my dad got a stroke and became paralyzed on his right side. As a result, the guarantor sent him to Egypt without giving him the balance of the half of his salary for all the time he worked. It was a tough time for our family; my dad, the breadwinner, couldn't work, and the sick needed a lot of care, medication, and no source of income. I was in my last year of high school at this time. By God's grace, I entered the university. In the first year, we used the little savings we had, and my mom had to sell all her jewelry so we could survive and for me to finish my first year in university. The second year my sister joined me in college, we had to pledge our house to stay. In the third year, my youngest brother finished high school and got accepted into college; we three couldn't continue in our college with no income and all my dad's chronic illness expenses. I decided to leave my university so my brother could have a better chance.

I was praying to God to solve this problem. I was waiting with trust. He would help us. I heard about Samira's Assistance program, and I applied. One night in the summer of 2020, I got a call from the program telling me about my approval. My tears ran without stopping; I couldn't believe what was happening; I felt this was the answer to my prayers. When I told them my story in detail, they also asked me to let my sister and brother apply. We were accepted and joined the program. Words stand powerless about God's work with us through the program. I have been with the program for two years; I am in my last year at university. The program covered all our college needs, and not only that, but it helped us to grow through the conferences and many workshops. God bless the great work of all the responsible people in the program. I pledge to help and support the program once I graduate and work."

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